What To Do With Your Dried Flowers

Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-plant-and-flowers-1924867/

Dried flowers, while having their beauty, may not always be adored. With sombre and toned-down colours, they are usually mistakenly associated with death or abandonment. Usually discarded, dried flowers actually have great use for decorations or art-making when given an afterlife. Don’t throw your dried flowers just yet! There is so much more to them, here are 4 such creative ways to giving your dried flowers a second chance.

1. Give it a new life

Dried flowers are the perfect decoration pieces for fall vibes. Not only do they require little maintenance, you can also be a florist and rearrange them in diverse ways to keep the same flowers appearing different on countless occasions. The versatility dried flowers bring with the numerous combinations sets unique ambience within its environment from time to time. Dried flowers also make good props for portrait/ wedding photoshoots.

2. Candle making

What other way to surprise your loved ones on special occasions than with a handmade gift from yours truly? Dried flowers make excellent decorations for the purpose of art-making and one way to do so will be candle making. A thoughtful handmade gift with nature’s touch, adding dried flowers into your candle moulds would definitely bring a smile to your receiver’s face. Decorating plain candles with small pieces of flower petals such as baby’s breath, coloured daisies, and lavender to name a few, can be easily done. Get your creative brain juice going!

3. Potpourri

Potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers as function to either mask odours or to enhance the scent of a room with the addition of essential oils to your preference. Adding slices of fruits with citrus scent would also help freshen your environment. A potpourri consists of collections of flower petals with varying colours and textures. Potpourris help increase the liveliness of an environment in addition to being a great help with the visual aesthetics of the environment. They are really easy to make and will surely lift your spirits at the sight of it.

Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/CFBY6EnA8Gc

4. Pressed flower art

There are just tons of things you can use dried flowers for! A great activity for both adults and children alike will be to use dried flowers for artworks. Unleash your creativity through art-making by pressing dried flowers. There are many forms of art creations using pressed dried flowers. One such way would be for the creation of a simple looking yet elegant bookmark or to use pressed dried flowers for sketchbook designing. Creating a phone case with the use of small dried flowers is another fantastic idea. Depending on the floral designs you wish to have, here are some flowers you can choose from to design a sophisticated and stylish phone casing.

Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-and-black-flower-art-on-wall-1261168/

Besides its longevity and low maintenance characteristics, dried flowers give off a rustic vibe making them a hassle-free alternative decoration piece or art-making material that will definitely come handy in your household.