Customing Your Bouquet with The Floral Keep

The Floral Keep offers customisation to all our bouquets, arrangements and wreaths. Our customisations are catered to any budget, colour preference and even style preference. We came up with this article to explain a little further about how The Floral Keep operates and why we choose to do bouquets in our unique way.

At the start of The Floral Keep in November of 2019, we sold pre-designed bouquets for customers to choose from. Because of our choice to be a fully preserved & dried florist in Singapore, we were limited by the types of flowers we could use as compared to a fresh flower florist. And because of this limitation, there could only be a number of designs we came up with month-to-month. Having no background in floristy but a pure passion for it, our lead florist, Megan, came up with designs that were inspired by Scandanavian florists and thus created a look that captured the attention of our first customers. It was then decided that The Floral Keep would push out pre-designed products every few months.

As time passed, we started to get many requests for custom bouquets, specifically, custom preserved bouquets. In the months to come, most of our orders were from customers enquiring on if we could come up with a special design for them. Because of the constant request, it led us back to D&D and after deliberating, decided to roll with the customisation of bouquets as our main product. Fast track to today, all the products you see on The Floral Keep's website offer a customisation option. Thankfully, it was well-received with every single customer we have served and have had feedback on how this way of selling our bouquets is a much better option. So here is how it works:

1. Choose between the different products

The Floral Keep's products are small-ranged, making the decision-making process for customers much faster as compared to scrolling through pages of different designs. Our main products are:

  1. Preserved Single Stalk

  2. Small Preserved Bouquet

  3. Medium Preserved Bouquet

  4. Large Preserved Bouquet

  5. Preserved Flower Dome

  6. Preserved Vase Arrangement

  7. Preserved Wedding Bouquet

Other products out of these 7 are mainly variations that are under promotion.

2. Customise Your Preserved Bouquet

Upon selecting your chosen product, in this example, a medium preserved bouquet, you will be given 2 options for colour choices. The first option will be the main colour of the bouquet, and the second option will be the secondary colour of the bouquet. Pretty straight-forward so far?

This is the only customisation we offer, so how does it work?

After getting your order, we will see what colour choices you have made. Sometimes, we get pretty funky ones but still work with it. Depending on the colours you choose, we will pick out different flowers and foliage that compliment each other well, especially by making sure the colour customisation works. For example, one of the rarest combinations we got was a purple and red. Though it sounds like it can blend well together, it was definitely a challenge because of the types of flowers we had in those colours. In the end, what we send out to you will always be 100% well-thought of, no shortcuts, and no skimping on flowers and foliage.

We have had requests to recreate certain designs we post on our social media and upon receiving such a request, do as per order and have no issues with such enquiries too!

3. Special Requests

If you've made it till this part of the article, here is where we give you a pro-tip. If you have any special requests for design or type of flower you want included in your design, just drop us a WhatsApp message first. Mostly, people will ask for the addition of Baby's Breath or Roses, or sometimes will ask to omit certain flowers like carnations. By telling us what you want, we can even further customise your preserved bouquet. Of course, there might be some limitations that we will make fully known to you while in chat - no stock of foliage or flower you are looking for, clashes with overall look, etc.

You are also able to send us photo references of what you like and we will see how we can recreate it with what we have.

We once had someone ask for a bouquet made out of apples, and then had the same customer come back a few months later, asking for a bouquet made out of oranges; apparently, it was an inside joke. (She made us draw emoji faces on the oranges too 😂)

Another request was for a money-pull feature on a vase. Which you can see below

4. Other Add-Ons and a Handwritten Note

Lastly, you are given the option to have add-ons, which are Ferrero Roche. But once again, if you have anything in mind, and if we can quickly get it from our friendly neighbourhood-24-hour Sheng Shiong, feel free to chat with us.

And finally, the special message to go with your order. Whatever you write in that section of the order page will be handwritten on a thick, small piece of paper (or big if you wrote a lot). So we would advise to refrain from adding complicated emojis and to try to stick with English because that is where our good handwriting is strong at. With Mandarin, it gets pretty weird looking.

We add a stamped message at the front of the card, along with a postage stamp sticker to make the note more memorable and personalised.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now understand the freedom of bouquet customisation that The Floral Keep serves with its products, and if you have any feedback on how we can improve, we are always looking forward to hearing from you.

P.S. we are coming out with some ready-made small vase designs to sell on our website and on Shopee that are even way more affordable than what we already have. Those are coming out in June 2022, so stay tuned!