How long does your flowers last for?

Our flowers last forever till you change your mind. We dry our flowers by removing water from them, which makes them last for several months to a year. Some of our flowers and grasses will gradually lose colour, but will bring in a new aesthetic for your bouquet/arrangement. Our flowers and grasses are picked specifically for the fact that their colours won't fade quickly. Some more durable species can even last up to 5 years and more.

Will the bouquets look exactly like the photos?

As most of our designs are made in limited quantities, your order will highly likely turn out the same as the photo. Of course, there might be certain variation in terms of the slight changes in placement of the flowers and grass, or a slight change in packaging as each bouquet is made by hand. However, should there be flowers that are unavailable within a bouquet that you have ordered, we will match the colour scheme with another piece of flower that is more expensive to ensure the quality of our bouquets is kept and delivered well to you.

How do I care for them?

1. Do not put it into water 2. Keep it away from moisture 3. Keep it away from direct sunlight 4. Ideally, put it in a well ventilated room

What are payment methods

We accept credit/debit card payment via our stripe and paypal portal. We also accept paynow & bank transfers which will be provided upon selection of payment method.

What is 'Enhanced Flowers'

Enhanced Flowers are florals that are not 100% natural and are not grown in the way you see them. How it works is that we source these flowers from floral makers who piece together the elements that make up the design. All elements within the florals are natural.

Why do some of my flowers have wires

Some florals we use are wired so that we are able to "extend" the stalk, or bend the entire piece into a desired shape. You will mainly see wires in our cotton as naturally stalked cotton grows its buds out apart from each other, and our designs would require the buds to be clustered together.

I don't know how to order online, is there another way I can make an order?

Yes there is! You can either contact us directly at +65 8869 3967 to place an order, or you can send us an enquiry via our From there, we will facilitate your ordering process :)