Free Timeshares

Resorts and Home Owner Associations want an owner base that uses the property, receives their ownership benefits, and pays maintenance fees. Timeshare ownership can be fluid as owners upgrade, downgrade, sell, and rent their timeshare. Our job is to find people to take over the ownership of a timeshare so the maintenance fees can continue to be paid. Timeshare Nation completes the ownership cycle by finding new owners that have intent to utilize the timeshare benefits. Read more About Us

Why are the timeshares free?

The timeshares marketed on Timeshare Nation need new owners to use the timeshare and pay the maintenance fee associated with the use. Every timeshare needs an owner, and our job is to simply find someone to assume the ownership, use it, and pay the maintenance fee. Never pay closing costs or transfer free for any of Timeshare Nation's free timeshares. See more about how timeshares work.

What to expect?

When you decide to take ownership of a timeshare, Timeshare Nation will connect you to the transfer company that will act as the resort transfer agent to manage the process. You will never be asked for money, and you will never be asked to pre-pay for services...because it is FREE. Your only responsibility is to use the timeshare and pay the corresponding maintenance fees next year. The maintenance fees for each property are shown on our website so you know exactly what to expect.