The Floral Keep was created to bring in floral designs that last longer than normal fresh flower bouquets. We achieve this by bringing in dried and preserved flowers, grass and foliage, and occasionally pairing them with fresh flowers and foliage that will dry beautifully. 

We provide customers with unique bouquets and arrangements that are inspired by the aesthetic of Scandinavian, Nordic and German florists. Our designs are made as decorative pieces and are made to last.


"I find that florists nowadays all have a single look and style to their bouquets. And it wasn't one that I particularly loved. My interpretation of flowers is that it is meant to be a form of art - a decorative piece. It doesn't have to always be a special occasion gift, nor does it even have to be a gift. And it also shouldn't be catered to just the female gender but should really be versatile enough for anyone and any reason. My designs are inspired by simplicity, elegance, and uniqueness all at the same time and I hope that my designs become appreciated by Singaporeans. 

- Megan, Founder of The Floral Keep


The Floral Keep offers custom designs for any purpose. Whether it's a bouquet, vase arrangement or other form of decor, we can help create something stunning, personalised and beautiful for you.

We only take a limited number of projects each month to ensure the quality of our custom designs and readily available designs.

Contact us for more information.